Grow your Business Exponentially using this cool Trick!

Yep, you read the title correctly. This simple thing can grow your brand new business with 1 customer, 1 like on Facebook, and 1 review to hundreds of loyal customers, hundreds of Facebook likes, and hundreds of positive reviews!

How? Using this simple trick. Many people go the normal advertising and marketing route when launching a business which is great but you need to bring the customers in and make them loyal. I have talked in the past how people love free stuff. This is where i happens the most!

What is it? Its called giveaways. Yep, just doing a few giveaways per year not only can help your business grow exponentially at the start but it’ll keep growing afterwards. Now don’t go out there making a basic giveaway. There are some rules to follow in making a successful giveaway with positive results. There are many applications you can used to make your life easier.

3 Foundational Must Haves for a Successful Giveaway


Before running your giveaway, it’s important to organize yourself and begin to put together some goals for the giveaway. Are you looking to generate excitement about a new product, or are you looking to win more sales? Are you trying to grow your e-mail marketing list, or your social accounts? What about both?

Here’s a formula that we’ve put together that will help you get started.

1. Have well defined goals

Figure out what key performance indicator you’re going to focus on, and do everything to achieve that goal.

For instance, if you know that you already have a large and engaged Instagram following, why not try and use that to leverage the growth of your email list? Or, try and expand your Instagram following to your other social media accounts?

2. Have an exciting prize

Are you going to be giving away a new product? An entire collection? Money? It’s important to determine what the actual prize will be well before you begin.

Need some creative inspiration for what to give away? Here are some good examples to get you started:

  • A limited edition product
  • An entire product collection
  • Product(s) from influencers in your market
  • Gift cards
  • Travel
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity

One of my favourite examples of this is how The Fifth Watches launches exclusive timepieces the 5th of every month. In addition to that, they promote it by also giving away watches on social media, and in order to be entered to win you have to tag a friend! See Below!

3. Use partnerships with celebrities and influencers

Chances are in building your business, you’ve come across some influences in your market. These influences can be individuals, or businesses that have a large clout when it comes to traffic and engagement. Consider working with an influencer in your space to help give your giveaway some extra “oomph” when it needs it

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